We make a commitment to helping you achieve your best vision.  Not just now- for life.  That means going above and beyond getting you a new set of glasses.  It means managing your eye health and preventing eye diseases down the road.  Come visit us for your next exam and see what we are all about.  Our goal is to have each patient entering and leaving feeling like family!



Brittany is a part of our ophthalmic team- pretesting our patients and assisting patients in selecting the best frame.  She grew up right here in Philadelphia and loves this city! She joins us with 9 years of experience in the optical industry.  She has worked as an ophthalmic technician and medical scribe for 3 years.  With that experience she had the opportunity to see the doctor-patient side more in depth and truly enjoyed seeing the part where patients concerns/symptoms are treated.  

Her interest in healthcare began she attended speech therapy in 7th grade and gained an appreciation for individuals who dedicate their time and lives to help others and educate others!  She wanted to give back to the community the same way she had received care when she was young.  This lead her to pursue a career involved in health care.

In her spare time she enjoys watching a good documentary and spending quality time with her 3 year old son and family.  She looks forward to assisting her the care of the patients here at Olympus Vision. 



Domenique is a part of our ophthalmic team- finding the best look for our patients.  She was born and raised in West Philadelphia.  She joins us with 9 years of experience in the optical industry.  She is dedicated to helping our patients fine great style and vision.  She believes anything is possible with superb eyewear! 

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children,  working out, dancing, and enjoying a good meal.  She loves what she does and is excited to meet the patients of the Olympus Vision family.